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B.C. 10,000 – 8000 Örencik, Sanliurfa - Turkey

Date: B.C. 10,000 - 8000

Period: Pre-Pottery Neolithic Period

Location: Örencik, Sanliurfa - Turkey

Type: Sacred Space

Geographical Region: Southeastern Anatolia, (Northern Mesopotamia)

  • Göbeklitepe, whose history goes back 12000 years, is in the identity of a 'sacred area'.
  • Göbeklitepe is one of the most important sanctuaries ever identified.
  • Even before the discovery of agriculture by the people, the fact that long-lasting fixed places were built made us question the truths we know until now.
  • The 'T' shaped obelisks in the places unearthed so far in Göbeklitepe are decorated with animal motifs depending on the mentality of the period


Arkerobox is an educational archaeological excavation set that enables children to learn with experience which is among the innovative education methods to raise awareness towards global cultural heritage.

● Enables children to learn while discovering.
● Improves the feeling of interest.
● Raise awareness for the importance of archaeology.
● Develops a sense of responsibility by increasing interest and curiosity towards our
cultural heritage.
● Teaches solution-oriented working for the targeted results.
● Contributes to developing motor skills during excavation.
● Distances children from the virtual world for a while and helps them spend a good time.

Box Size : 19 x 13,5 x 6 cm

Box Weight: 0,61 Kg

Package Size : 39 x 55,5 x 21 cm (24 pcs)

    Product Details

    • Excavation Block
    • Hammer
    • Digging Stick
    • Magnifying glass
    • Brush
    • Handbook ( With Audiobook )
    • Information Card
    • General Culture Q&A Card (3 pieces)
    • Information Q&A Card (3 pieces)
    • Experience Q&A Card (3 pieces)
    • Map Game 
    • Coloring Paper
    • User guide

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