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Arkerobox Educational Excavation Sets, the first and only in the excavation kit industry, help children around the world discover cultural heritages both in their own country and abroad.


In the digitalizing world, children have become a part of digital content. They have almost completely moved away from activities and games to develop their motor skills. Educational activities not having enough fun The stories given to children are mostly fictional and there is a serious lack of content that will convey our culture to them. This deficiency leads to the loss of culture and the forgetting of our values over time.




When we focused on this problem that we identified, we developed an instructive experience by enabling the children of our next generation to experience our culture. We offer interactions that will develop children's motor skills. We have designed content that will allow them to have a pleasant time away from the virtual world. We touch the future generations who take care of our past with different products with rich and educational content that we will continue to develop in the present and in the future.

It is one of our most basic goals to bring awareness of cultural heritage to future generations by reducing the damage caused by insensitivity towards cultural heritage.

We are trying to come up with a radical solution to this problem by avoiding social problems such as not recognizing and protecting the cultural heritage with a qualified education structure. Exploring the cultural heritage by digging, children realize their interest in archeology and history in a hands-on way.



Apart from only verbal listening and reading, we revive the cultural heritage in children's imaginations with the "learning by experience" model. In this whole process, we ensure that children get the highest efficiency from a hands-on education.

In addition, we are trying to instill awareness of cultural heritage with the educational content we prepare and the audience we try to reach through digital platforms. Thanks to these benefits, preventing the damage to the cultural heritage and raising a generation that knows the cultural heritage better and knows the places where the cultural heritage is located, even if there are kilometers between them, are among the gains that come with the educational model offered by Arkerobox.