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The Acropolis of Parthenon

 Date: BC. 3000-5 centuries.

 Period: Bronze – Iron Age

 Location: Athens

 Genre: Sanctuary

 Geographical Region: Central Greece


 Its 5 Important Features;

  • The Acropolis of Athens is an important archaeological site that was built on top of a stone for thousands of years.
  • The first construction works on the Athens Acropolis were started by the Bronze Age people called Mycenaeans.
  • There are important structures such as the Parthenon, Propylaion, Temple of Athena, and Erechteion in the Acropolis of Athens.
  • The Acropolis of Athens has been used for many purposes over the centuries.  Among others, it serves as, the palace of the kings, a castle, a sanctuary, and today it is an area visited by many tourists.
  • The Acropolis of Athens was completely destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC.  All the structures we see today were built by a ruler named Pericles BC.  It was built between 460-430.




Arkerobox is an educational archaeological excavation set that enables children to learn with experience which is among the innovative education methods to raise awareness towards global cultural heritage.

● Enables children to learn while discovering.
● Improves the feeling of interest.
● Raise awareness for the importance of archaeology.
● Develops a sense of responsibility by increasing interest and curiosity towards our
cultural heritage.
● Teaches solution-oriented working for the targeted results.
● Contributes to developing motor skills during excavation.
● Distances children from the virtual world for a while and helps them spend a good time.

Box Size : 19 x 13,5 x 6 cm

Box Weight: 0,61 Kg

Package Size : 39 x 55,5 x 21 cm (24 pcs)

Product Details

  • Excavation Block
  • Hammer
  • Digging Stick
  • Magnifying glass
  • Brush
  • Handbook ( With Audiobook )
  • Information Card
  • General Culture Q&A Card (3 pieces)
  • Information Q&A Card (3 pieces)
  • Experience Q&A Card (3 pieces)
  • Map Game
  • Coloring Paper
  • User guide

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