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Are You Ready to Watch Istanbul from Galata Tower?

Date: M.S. 528
Period: Eastern Rome (Byzantium)
Location: Istanbul (European Side) - Turkey
Genre: Tower
Geographical Region: Marmara Region, Turkey

Its 5 Important Features;
  • The Bosphorus and the Golden Horn of Istanbul can be viewed panoramically from the tower.
  • with the transition of Istanbul to Ottoman rule in 1453, this structure was used for different purposes besides defense and observation.
  • Greek Galata Tower is the name of the city of Galata. There is a widespread belief that the name of the Galata Tower is derived from the Greek word 'Gala', which means 'Milk'.
  • The tower has a height of 69.90 meters along with its roof, and according to static calculations, its weight was found to be about 10,000 tons.
  • According to Roman traditions, it is believed that whoever ascended the tower for the first time will marry that person.

Arkerobox is an educational archaeological excavation set that enables children to learn with experience which is among the innovative education methods to raise awareness towards global cultural heritage.



  • Enables children to learn while discovering.
  • Improves the feeling of interest.
  • Raise awareness for the importance of archaeology.
  • Develops a sense of responsibility by increasing interest and curiosity towards our cultural heritage.
  • Teaches solution-oriented working for the targeted results.
  • Contributes to developing motor skills during excavation.
  • Distances children from the virtual world for a while and helps them spend a good time.

Box Size : 19 x 13,5 x 6 cm

Box Weight: 0,61 Kg

Package Size : 39 x 55,5 x 21 cm (24 pcs)

Warning: There is a danger of swallowing small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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