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Are You Ready to Explore the "Land of Fairies" Cappadocia Up Close?

  • Date: 15 Million years
  • Period: Middle Miocene
  • Location: Nevsehir, Kirsehir, Kayseri, Nigde and Aksaray provinces
  • Type: Natural Formation
  • Geographical Region: Central Anatolia Region

What to Know About Kapodokya;

  • Erciyes is the region where there are natural formations that have arisen due to the erosion of soft layers formed by lava and ashes sprayed by Hasandağı and Göllüdağ by rain and wind for millions of years.
  • We know the evidence that Mount Hasan, which has an important place in the formation of Cappadocia, sprayed lava and ash until recently, based on the murals found in Çatalhöyük.
  • The unique natural beauty of the Cappadocia region occupies a very important place in our world heritage.
  • There are over 250 underground cities in the region due to the very easy excavation of soft rocks resulting from volcanic eruptions.
  • Stonework is highly developed in the Cappadocia region and we can see traces of this mastery in areas such as architecture.

Warning: There is a danger of swallowing small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Arkerobox is an educational excavation kit that allows children to learn by experiencing innovative educational methods to improve their awareness of the world's cultural heritage. In addition to the fun of excavation, children try to deliver the artifacts they find to the museum on the map by answering the question cards found in the set, and they can reinforce their knowledge by playing them over and over again.


● Enables children to learn while discovering.
● Improves the feeling of interest.
● Raise awareness for the importance of archaeology.
● Develops a sense of responsibility by increasing interest and curiosity towards our
cultural heritage.
● Teaches solution-oriented working for the targeted results.
● Contributes to developing motor skills during excavation.
● Distances children from the virtual world for a while and helps them spend a good time.
Box Size : 19 x 13,5 x 6 cm
Box Weight: 0,61 Kg
Package Size : 39 x 55,5 x 21 cm (24 pcs)


  • Excavation Block
  • Hammer
  • Magnifier
  • Brush
  • The Excavation Bar
  • Information Card / Competition Card
  • The Work Card
  • Postcard
  • Collector's Map
  • The Sticker
  • User Guide

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